Two Cities ~ Two Countries

My wife and I recently visited Niagara Falls this past August in our quest to escape some of the summer heat.  I had been there two earlier times as a child and a parent.  The town of Niagara has seen betters days.  Quite frankly, I wouldn’t want to be there at night.  It is run down and the areas near the falls are tacky.  I was also disappointed to see the casinos on the Canadian side of the river.   We took the proverbial pictures of the falls, but not of Niagara.

We discovered Niagara on the Lake in Canada, a short drive from the falls.  On the way we stopped at a number of wineries before we hit the town and Wow! what a contrast between Niagara, NY and Niagara on the Lake in Canada.

There were flowers everywhere, in window boxes, along the street, on street posts and in store windows.  There were quaint shops with a wide variety of wares along with ice cream shops bed and breakfast inns and restraints.  We shopped a while then had a drink at the country club along Lake Ontario and the mouth of the Niagara River across from Fort Niagara, NY.

Fort Niagara
Fort Niagara




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