Pacifica Trip Diary – Day 3

Day 3: January 10, 2014

The airport at Inchon was like walking down Michigan Avenue or Rodeo Drive, expensive stores everywhere.  There were places to get a shower or message.

I stayed awake from Chicago to Inchon, South Korea, watching movies, reading, and walking around.  This helped me transition to the next flight which brought me into Brisbane at about 6:00 am.  On this second leg of the trip, I slept which greatly helped me in my transition to the new date and time in Australia.  When I arrived at Brisbane, I had to pick up my luggage, go through customs and recheck my luggage onto a domestic flight from Brisbane to Cairns.  This worked out well, as they say down under, ” No worries.”

Pacifica Trip Diary – Day 2

Day 2: January 9, 2014

At about noon central time, Korean Air Flight 38 left Chicago, Illinois and I left the Arctic Vortex covering Canada and most of North America. The temperature was 9 degrees Fahrenheit this morning. That was a warm up from the -13 degrees and -38 degree windchill from a few days ago.

This is my first international flight (economy) on a non US airline and it was so much better. Let me count the ways.

  • Plenty of leg room.
  • Nice size media device with lots of entertainment options, each seat
  • Garment hanger, each seat.
  • SUB part, each seat.
  • Complimentary head phones, pillow, blanket, tooth paste and brush and slippers.
  • Wine, soft drinks, two meals and snacks provided.
  • Delightful crew.

I had to fly first or business lass on US airlines to get that kind of service.

About five hours into the flight we left Canadian air space and crossed into Alaska.  Next up is the International Date Line.  We crossed it about six hours and 45 minutes into the flight.  From here we entered Russian air space coming across the Bering Sea and the Sea of Okhotsk.  Then we followed the Russian coast line along the Pacific to South Korea.  To avoid North Korea, we swung out into the ocean coming into South Korea.

We took off on time on the second leg of the trip, a nine hour flight from Inchon, South Korea to Brisbane, Australia.  This flight was equivalent to the red eye from our east to west coast.  This flight turned into day 3.