Pacifica Trip Diary – Day 14

Day 14: January 21, 2014

We headed off to Makarora where we took the Siberian International Airline into the mountains.  I got to sit next to the pilot.  It was a smooth flight through the mountains.  Our pilot took us close to glaciers on the peaks of the mountains and over glacial lakes before setting us down in a valley field. 

Picture of small plane
Siberian International
Picture of glacier
Mountain Glacier

We collected our gear and headed across a large stream to begin our hike.  One catch, there wasn’t a bridge so we slogged across the ice cold water to get to the other side where we changed our shoes and put on warm socks to begin our three hour hike along the Siberia River.

Picture of river
Mountain River

Our guide started to make lunch for us at about 11:00 but we decided that it was too early to eat so we decided to pack sandwiches and take on the hike.  We started off our walk along the Siberia River and then began to ascend the mountain along the river where it became narrow and full of rapids.  There were several points where I wondered if we had reached the apex but wasn’t certain until we came to a spot marked “TOP.”  From there we descended switchbacks until we reached the river valley again where the river had widened.

Picture of mountain trail
Mountain Hike
Picture of the word top
Apex of the Trail

We boarded a jet boat back to our van.  It was amazing.  The boat held about 12 people and only drew 4 inches of water.  We skimmed along Wilkin River in this boat, over shallow rapids, quick turns around rocks and degree in the shallow river bed.  When we reached the boat dock, the boat driver drove us in a van to our base camp.

Picture of Jet Boat
Jet Boat

We headed off after a full day of activities to our accommodations near Lake Wanika.