Find Your Own Piece of Heaven at Home

Lying on a hammock looking skyward.

Where can you find peace and solitude, smell fresh air and the scent of flowers without traveling great distances or spending lots of money? In my case, it was my back yard. We had a weather front come through that cooled us off from the summer’s heat. Instead of the eighty or ninety degree weather, we had temperatures in the mid seventy’s during the afternoon. Even better, the humidity was low and the air crisp and clean. The weather was perfect for anything out doors. Some were washing cars, mowing grass, walking, or whatever. I live on a dead end street, with a corn field to the one side of the house and an empty field behind the house leaving me with privacy and only the birds to hear. Normally, I work on home projects on weekends, but this weekend, I took some time off.

Hooked between two medium sized trees was my hammock, a recent gift from my daughter. Before the gentle rocking sent me off to dream land, I looked up through the green leaves of the trees to see the beautiful blue sky with puffy white clouds sliding bye and felt the warmth of the sun poking through from time to time. The breeze was fairly strong, enough that I covered myself with a light blanket. This was as good as sitting in the shade of a palm tree in Hawaii or on a beach in the Caribbean.

So this got me thinking about that piece of heaven each of us may have right in front of us, a swimming pool, deck, shade trees, mountain, lake or ocean views, horses, boats, or all – terrain vehicles, whatever. Many of us have something that gives us some of the same physiological and psychological comforts we get from vacations but right at home. Take time to enjoy what you have. Most of us who travel love to get away, seek out new adventures and experience new things, but I think most of us look forward to returning home. Enjoy your piece of heaven.