Pacifica Trip Diary – Day 9

Day 9: January 16, 2014

Back to the Reef, this time Michalemas Reef.  It is actually sand island with some grass and 20,000 birds.  They were loud and as you would guess smelled.  It was much nicer in the water.  The island buffered the 15 knot wind to make the snorkeling wonderful.  The water was calm and pretty.  The reef, like Norman Reef had lots of colors and fish.  I rented a camera here but haven’t been able to upload my pictures yet.  We had four hours of snorkeling and a great lunch on board the boat.  The weather on the reef was hot and sunny, but back on land, hot and rainy.

It has been about 30C to 31C in Cairns, but parts of Australia have been in the low to mid 40’sC which is very hot.

I will post these pictures when I can.