7 Undisputable Wonders of the World

The other day my cousin forwarded me an email supposedly from a teacher asking students what they would list as the Seven Wonders of the World. I don’t know if any of the email was real, but what I did get out of it were seven beautiful pictures. I have searched books and the internet to identify the seven natural wonders, the seven ancient wonders, the seven modern wonders etc. to help me develop my bucket list and my travel itineraries. However, after reviewing the pictures below I believe that as travelers we can all attest that they are the true natural wonders, without which we would not experience all of other wonders of the world. I hope you enjoy them where ever you travel.

Picture of girl looking at a rose.
The Wonder of Sight
Picture of man playing banjo.
The Wonder of Hearing
Picture of baby touching puppy
The Wonder of Touch
Picture of girl and dog eating ice cream
The Wonder of Taste
Picture of woman holding baby's hands.
The Wonder of Feeling
Picture of baby laughing
The Wonder of Laughter
Picture of newlyweds in field.
The Wonder of Love

My eighth wonder of the world is mobility because I just couldn’t resist including this picture.

Picture of toddler dancing with a statue.
The Wonder of Mobility


I was thinking about the types of transportation that I have taken during my lifetime. It has been interesting and widely varied from a luxury first class trip to Europe to a dugout canoe on Lake Sandoval in the Amazon and from water skiing to parasailing. I decided to go back into my mental and photographic archives to find as many modes of transportation as I have taken. I included business and pleasure travel as well as recreational transportation. It was fun pulling the pictures together into a collage that I have saved on this blog the menu Galley-Transportation. As I continue to travel and experience more modes of transportation I am going to continue to update the pictures.

Enjoy the ride my friends.